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How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

  1. Spread your t-shirt out on your cutting surface - a table or even the floor - and smooth it out so there are as few wrinkles or parts of the fabric bunching up as possible.
  2. Cut the hem off
  3. Cut across the body of the shirt as close as possible to the sleeves
  4. Now grab one edge and fold it over to the other, leaving about one inch of space between them, like so. In the photo above I folded the edge closest to us in the photo over to the furthest edge.
  5. Get your scissors and starting at the fold closest to us in the photo, cut strips at least one inch apart. Stop cutting just as you cut through the edge at the top, leaving that inch border uncut.
  6. Now unfold and loosen up the strips
  7. Time to make it into one looooong strip! Cut as shown along the uncut portion in the middle
  8. Start at the edge and cut diagonally from the outside at the right (next to my thumb), to the first split at the left. Then from the next split on the right, to the second split on the left all the way through to the end.
  9. To make it into yarn, all you have to do is pull that strip, and the knit fabric will just curl itself up!
  10. Pull along the entire length, then roll into a ball.

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I started this blog before Pinterest. I haven’t been blogging or posting and will most likely be deleting soon….

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Rope Candle Holders

Rope Candle Holders

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Wall Art with Paint Swatches

Wall Art with Paint Swatches


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Cute way to distinguish your keys from each other.


Cute way to distinguish your keys from each other.

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How to Turn Old Sheets into Shopping Totes

How to Turn Old Sheets into Shopping Totes

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How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper

How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper

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Friday Feature: Feeling Creative


I think it’s fair to describe Feeling Creative’s blog as a stream of consciousness for crafting, and creative, inspiration.

In a message, she told me: “Someday, when my life is not so busy and complicated, I can’t wait to actually make all the things I have posted! Happy crafting!” Many thanks, and I’m sure my followers will join me in wishing her all the best in finding free time and immersing herself into creative ventures :)

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thank you for the feature! 

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